"what a worthless love
a love,
I don't know if it comes from one side
I think she knows I like her"

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winter is the season to wear warm clothes when it's cold, so am I

it would be better when my hand was entwined with hers, that's right, the soft cloud I love. Every night I hold the teddy bear and think it's her, oh it's disgusting, she goes to the same school, the same age and great, her class is close to mine. This morning, her class was looking for the key or because of some problem she had to come in late, she had to stand outside the door with her friends. I went with my friend to take out the trash and I saw her easily, unfortunately she was quite cold to me. Once when she was walking up the stairs, she followed me and talked quite intimately with her friends of the opposite sex, which made me think a lot. Maybe I'm an idiot to think that she loves me the same way I love her.

for some reason, I found her so lonely in her classroom, so cramped

be happy, don't be sad because if your grades are not good, don't work too hard

"Knowing that you know that someone else loves you very much, I was very happy. But baby, I also love you very much.."

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