Unfairmeans, Practices and Breach of Examination Rules

1. Definition

Unfairmeans practice is an activity that allows a candidate to gain an unfair advantage over other candidates. It includes, but is not limited to:

a) Being in possession of any item or article which has been prohibited or can be used for unfair practices including any stationery item, communication device, accessories, eatable items, ornaments or any other material or information relevant or not relevant to the examination in the paper concerned;

b) Using someone to write examination (impersonation) or preparing material for copying;

c) Breaching examination rules or any direction issued by NTA in connection with the conduct of NEET (UG) – 2019 examination from time to time;

d) Assisting other candidate to engage in malpractices, giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so;

e) Writing questions or answers on any material other than the answer sheet given by the Centre Superintendent for writing answers;

f) Tearing of Answer Sheet, any page of the test booklet etc.;

g) Contacting or communicating or trying to do so with any person, other than the Examination Staff, during the examination time in the Examination Centre;

h) Taking away the answer sheet out of the examination hall/room;

i) Smuggling out of Question Paper or its part or smuggling out answer sheet or part thereof;

j) Threatening any of the officials connected with the conduct of the examination or threatening any of the candidates;

k) Using or attempting to use any other undesirable method or means in connection with the examination;

l) Manipulation and fabrication of online documents viz. admit card, rank letter, self-declaration, etc.;

m) Forceful entry/exit in/from Examination Centre/Hall;

n) Use or attempted use of any electronic device after entering the Examination Centre;

o) Affixing/uploading of morphed photograph on the application form/admit card/proforma;

p) Erasing or obliterating any information printed on the OMR sheet;

q) Providing incorrect information on the answer sheet;

r) Making fake claims by manipulating the responses in OMR sheet uploaded on website for challenge before or after declaration of result.

s) Creating obstacles in smooth and fair conduct of examination.

t) Any other mal practices declared as unfairmeans by the NTA.

2. Punishment for using unfairmeans practices

During the course of, before or after the examination if a candidate indulges in any of the above or similar practices, he/she shall be deemed to have used unfair practices and booked under UNFAIRMEANS (U.F.M.) case. The candidate would be debarred for 3 years in future and shall also be liable for criminal action and /or any other action as deemed fit.

3. Cancellation of Result

a) The result of the candidates NEET (UG) – 2019 who indulge in Unfairmeans Practices will be cancelled and will not be declared.

b) Similarly, the result of those candidates who appear from the Centre other than the one allotted to them, write on the Test booklet/OMR Sheet of other candidates or allow other candidates to write on their Test Booklet/OMR Sheet will be cancelled and will not be declared.